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Attention Rogue Report Magazine Visitors:

Two Ways to Preserve Your Wealth with Gold

Choose the Door that is Right for YOU


Choose This Door If:
  • You are looking to buy a minimum of $10,000 worth of Gold via Cash or Qualified IRA/401k Account.
  • You recognize the value of purchasing gold at a nearly wholesale, deep discount price, then holding for a few months, and reselling the gold back to the Mine at retail prices.
  • You are comfortable with taking title to the raw gold ore while the actual exacavation work proceeds on-site in Wyoming.


    No Purchase Necessary! Call or Email us to request a personal telephone appointment to hear about the Bulk Gold Ore Purchase Program. We will happily reward you with a resort vacation voucher valued at $1500 simply for considering the program. You do not have to sign up or purchase anything from us; just listen to the idea. Or just fill out the Contact Form below. We'll still email the voucher to you!

    Click This Door to Request Free Bulk Gold Ore Information

    Why Wait? Call Now to Request a Telephone Appointment:

    Mr. Charles Olsen (Southern California office)
    Tollfree Phone:
    (after-hours leave voicemail please)

    Or Send Us an Email:

    On Facebook at Bulk Gold Ore :

    Homepage: (login required)

    Feel free to send us a message here. We keep your information confidential.

    FREE BONUS! Take our 3-minute Opinion Poll and we will still send you the free vacation voucher. Click Here for the Easy Online Survey.


Choose This Door If:
  • You have at least $20 cash to spend.
  • You recognize the value of holding gold in your hand.
  • You are comfortable with ordering now and taking delivery in about 2-4 weeks (shipped directly to you from Germany).

    About Karatbars

    Karatbars are the world's easiest way to own gold. The grams are securely affixed to embossed cards the size of a credit card. Karatbars are openly traded on Ebay. This makes them highly liquid and easy to resell.

    Karatbars gold is a guarantee of quality and value which is characterized by the high quality standards of the company.

    Every gold bar is:

    - produced by an LBMA listed manufacturer
    - 999.9 finest quality gold
    - imprinted with unique DNA for safety assurance

    All gold ingots are embedded in to the Karatbars cards which are

    - Standard credit-card size
    - covered by an anti-scratch safety laminate
    - provided with a black-light authenticity signature on the front

    Karatbars gold bullion cards guarantee stability and to serve in times of economic upheaval as a possible payment and also a medium of exchange. Owning gold in smaller, more transaction friendly weights are strategically important. It is wise to buy our small units-karat bullion bars to protect capital.

    Or Click Here to Order Karatbars from Me Directly

Silver Snowball Program Is Also Still Available!

Ready To Order? Click Here.

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